People talk about revival, ask for revival, but we have so little to show for it.

As an artist the Lord has positioned my heart to create. Throughout my journey of writing, recording, performing, as well as working with different types of creatives--there is so much more I’d like to do. I want to investigate what God is doing through creativity in the small city. I want to discover and highlight what God is doing through the people who are "faithful with little." I desire to know what God wants to do through the Arts in this generation.

Who is God as a Creator? How could understanding this attribute of God shape my ability to create as an artist? Will exploration of this unknown territory be the key to the revival we have begged for with closed hands?

I want to find out.

I will challenge the Arts to speak truth. Through investigation, documentation, and collaboration with creatives I want to invite people into an experience that encourages them to not only feel part of something bigger, but strive to understand it.

The Resonate campaign will consist of a series of social media experiments, as well as gatherings based in the Oklahoma City area encouraging community and creativity among artists. In addition, I will be taking a personal journey in creating an album that demonstrates the principles of Resonate’s mission statement. My goal is to transform this bold idea into a collection of 10 songs, recorded over 10 months, with 10 different producers, simultaneously creating a documentary of my experience in order to share one creative process, in hopes to inspire others

Let’s make a sound they can’t ignore.



Founder, Executive Director

Brianna Gaither is an Oklahoma native and has an assortment of Thunder paraphernalia to prove it. She began her journey as a singer-songwriter at age 16, and released her first full-length album in 2011. As Founder, Executive Director, and Co-Producer of the Resonate podcast Brianna is fueled by passion, homemade chocolate, and the unique community created by the Arts. 

Her favorite animal is a Giraffe; she can perform any song and dance number from Newsies, and is a proud Ravenclaw (with Gryffindor tendencies). More at

Director of Creative Writing

Ashley Williams was raised by her remarkable Grandmother; in the rather unremarkable town of Bakersfield, CA. She began writing poorly at a young age, and continued writing poorly into until her determination began to overshadow it. She changed her major six times before settling on Creative Writing, and currently resides as the Director of Creative Writing and Co-Producer of the Resonate podcast.

Her favorite animals are whales; she has a healthy appreciation for Wesley Snipes films, and is a proud Ravenclaw (with Slytherin tendencies).


Art director

Rachel Koval is a proud Michigan native but has loved becoming an Okie over the last five years. She studied English and history in college and spent two years getting a degree in Literature in Boston, taking this love of stories into her classroom as a first grade teacher in Oklahoma City. She has always had a whimsical imagination and loves creating art fueled by this part of her mind; her style lands somewhere between Shel Silverstein and Tim Burton most of the time. Her love of visual art has brought her to the position of Art Director with Resonate. 

Her favorite animals are lions and she draws them a lot; she knows more about Tolkien’s collected works than she should probably admit, and is a Gryffindor (with Hufflepuff tendencies).