The Art of First Impressions

I wrote my first novel in the seventh grade. 
Eleven double-spaced pages became the home of Sage Isolde Wolff, Princess of Arelia. They outlined the tragic loss of her family and the mysterious appearance of a map shaped scar on her right hand. I believe at one point there was a dragon, and I can ensure there was a plot twist involving Legolas.
I wrote this story during my lunch breaks in the library, and would print out drafts to share with my peers, teachers, and family. Tragically, my masterpiece was met with mixed reviews. My Grandmother found it to be on par with my beloved Ms. Rowling. Yet, my friends were less enthused.
“There’s already a million books in the world,” my friend Savannah stated with the authority of a twelve-year-old. “Why can’t we just eat lunch and be normal?”

“Don’t you want to know how the story ends?” I replied. 

“Not really,” she said.

“Well, I do.”
My introduction to becoming a writer was discouraging, but not limiting. 
But enough about me, let’s talk about you. 

Welcome to the Resonate Blog.
Whether you’re the artist hanging paintings in rooms with no windows. The soprano holding back the power in her voice, because power is often feared. The late night culinary craftsman who is looking for mouths to feed. Or the psalmist writing ancient prayers on dirty napkins. 

This blog is for you. 

Our desire is to facilitate ingenuity, inspire action, and resurrect the oxford comma (this may be a part of my personal agenda).
Let’s see how the story ends. 


- Ashley