WE DID IT!!!! The 10-10-10 project is complete!

Let me step away from #ResonateAdvent for one minute and say WE DID IT!!! We have completed the 10th month of the “10-10-10 project,” and it was a massive success!!! Every goal has been accomplished within the scope of these 10 months!! Wow, God is so faithful and kind!!

It’s been a minute, so in case you need reminding of what all we “did,” allow me to recap! 

On February 1, 2016, an ambitious fundraising goal of $20,000 had just been met, and a 10-month journey began. I and a solo videographer traveled all throughout central Oklahoma with a mission to record 10 songs, in 10 months, with 10 different Christian, small town music producers in order to make a documentary on what God can do in a small city through people who are faithful to His calling. The film explores the theology of art and creativity, while expressing the need for faith-based community in the Arts. 

The music portion (10-10-10) is COMPLETE, and you can expect both the album and documentary to release in Spring 2017!!! 

To those of you who supported financially or through encouragement and prayers, I say thank you, thank you, thank you -- WE did this. You and I did this. To those who are just now joining, welcome! We hope you'll become part of the family. :)

The next three months are certain to be busy ones, as we work on packaging the album, editing the documentary, and preparing to get everything into your hands. I’ll be sending you updates and sneak previews throughout that time!

Stay tuned! You can find out more about Resonate: A Documentary at resonatecampaign.com

All my love, 

Brianna Gaither