#ResonateAdvent -- Week 3 Monday Meditation: Joy

"And immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue loosed, and he spoke, blessing God.” - Luke 1:64

I don't know about you, but I love a good back story. The ground work of an epic adventure hinges on how well the prologue draws you in, and before the trek to Bethlehem and choirs of angels bursting into song out of the night sky there is the story of Zechariah.

He and his wife, Elizabeth, had been unable to have children for many years until God told them otherwise. Zechariah was going about his business as a priest when Gabriel appeared before him with the good news that Elizabeth was to bear a child. I don’t know if I would stay conscious if Gabriel landed in front of me, but Zechariah even managed to argue. He insisted that his age precluded the possibility of a baby. Gabriel responded “I stand in the presence of God, and I was sent to speak to you and to bring you good news. And behold, you will be silent and unable to speak until the day that these things take place” (v.20).

Zechariah spends months in complete silence. There are so many calls for celebration during his months of silence.The birth of Jesus was prophesied, John the Baptist leapt for joy in his mother’s womb upon meeting a pregnant Mary. Filled with the Holy Spirit, Mary sang her magnificent song of praise, and Zechariah couldn’t speak a word! It was not until John was born that the joy inside Zechariah could be unlocked and set loose.

That joy was a gift from the Holy Spirit, and when it burst out, Zechariah began to sing God’s praises and prophesy about the fulfillment of God’s promises. When God unlocks something inside you, there is no shutting it down. What creative work is God unlocking in you? May your heart be filled with the joy of His coming and be released into the world through the expression of your creativity.


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