Resonate: A Documentary

Wow wow wow wow wow wow, what a week! I have been BLOWN AWAY by the generosity and support of those who value this cause and desire to see revival within the Arts community. 

This is Brianna by the way. Ashley (see previous blog post) and I share this blog. It may end up being a shared blog between several individuals. For now it’s just us, and you will quickly identify our differences. Ashley’s words will flow like liquid gold through your eyeballs and into your soul, forcibly subjecting you to the stirrings of deep inspiration. 

Her words are her art. My words are a necessary form of communication. 

I write more like a golden retriever who just wants to play fetch. I probably live life that way a bit as well. “You wanna play? No? You wanna play? Yes? Throw something at me!” I also write the way I speak. So hopefully in this process, you will get used to my voice to that point where this interaction will be more like us sitting down for tea and less like a message in a bottle shipped out to sea. Not an intentional rhyme there in that last sentence, but I’ll take it. 


January 31 we accomplished an extremely ambitious fundraising endeavor, raising OVER $20,000. Unbelievable!!! It was so incredible to see so many people of different backgrounds in life and faith come together to patron the Arts in this way. It was beautiful, and humbling. 


For those of you who don’t know, crowdfunding is a fundraising method that requires you to raise the entirely of your goal within a predetermined amount of time. If you are not at 100% by the end of that period, you receive nothing. Honestly, it’s a really stressful thing to do. 

It took months to prepare, sleepless weeks to launch, every ounce of energy to promote, and possibly shaved years off of my life…. but, of course, I am SO GLAD I went this route. And it would not be the same if I hadn’t! I am deeply thankful for the love and support I have received in lavished quantity. The combination of funds, energy, personal/emotional support, prayer support, and artistic connections that have resulted from this fundraising campaign have made this experience a springboard for the project. 

NOT only that...I needed my faith to be tested in this way. I wish I could tell you that I launched the thing, sat back, ate some nachos, didn’t activate a single sweat gland...not so. It was roughly January 2 when panic set in. The Holy Spirit kept asking me “Do you trust me?” over and over. And I couldn’t deny that my answer was “Yes Lord, but…”

Yes but...Is that what Peter said when he stepped out of the boat to walk on water? He clearly trusted the Lord enough to make the leap, but...where was that same faith whenever the wind and waves drew near? I needed this to be revealed to my heart. I am leading a campaign asking people to place their identity in God, and not in their gifting, not in their circumstances. But was MY identity in the Lord and not in the success of this fundraising? Not at first.

The Lord is constantly wanting to do a deeper work. Not only did he want to lavish the project with various resources, he also wanted to refine me as a leader, and remind me who I am as his kid. 

I am thankful to no end for the Lord’s kindness throughout the past five months of Resonate’s existence. I LOVE this community. I have testimony upon testimony of what God has done to get us to this point. And now we are moving into a season of grand adventure! 

Please join us along the way — the best is yet to be!!



PS. For anyone who missed it, here is the fundraising video explaining where we’ve been and where we’re headed!