Both Day 74 and Day 1

Thursday April 14 began Day 1 of the recording/filming process for the Resonate: A Documentary 10-10-10 album project. Although February 1 was the first day of the project's 10-month timeline, 73 days prior, this day marked the beginning of a new phase. We are now transitioning out of of the meticulous planning, scheduling, mapping, writing portion of the project (which granted, will never be quite over...). But regardless, this is BIG; we are now entering the DO-ing phase. 

I realized this week that it has been almost exactly one year since I conceived of and began planning this project. It is beautiful and energizing to watch a dream materialize -- to see this past year of effort, determination, and hard, hard work begin to unfold and actualize. More than that, it is inspiring and humbling to be doing something that I would have at one point considered impossible. 

The most important, most influential question I asked myself last year was this: what would I do if I could do anything? What would I do if I actually believed that God was backing my dreams? 

At that point, on that day, I could have never imagined living out so grand an adventure. It is God alone that can make the impossible possible, and each step of this journey relies solely on Him. 

Psalm 57

The recording process is taking off with a song I wrote alongside Logan Rine of The Notionaries out of Psalm 57:2 for #TakeTheNextVerse, a social media experiment that Resonate launched in Fall 2015. If you’re unfamiliar with this experiment, please check it out here. You can also see works submitted for the experiment when you scroll through the archive of our Instagram feed (@resonatecmpgn), or find Resonate Campaign on Facebook and click on Videos

The talented Nathan Holliday, my producer for the track. 

The talented Nathan Holliday, my producer for the track. 

This song is unique for me in that it explores the power of simplicity. The song revolves around some very real, personal, and complex concepts for me spiritually and emotionally, but musically it clings to that which is simple and repetitious. Check out the clip below for a sneak peek of the song!