I Will Always Be On Our Side

Our Side is one of my "middle children"...poor thing. Your first child gets all the photographs, documentation, "My First Year" albums and journals. My "first children" are my Love Is Patient babies. They got a LOT of love and attention. They were suuper spoiled actually.

Then there's New Baby Syndrome for everything written in the past year or two (the majority of the new album). And although only a handful of other people are familiar with my newest songs, they have the majority of my own personal, current affection. 

But my dear Our Side, as well as one or two other tracks going this new album are my middle children, written in the gap between then and now. They were born in 2012 and 2013, but have barely left the house. No photo albums, no memory books. 

So this is it. I'm bringing them out, dusting them off, and this will be their time to shine. I think they're gonna do a darn fine job chillin' in the lime light. 

Check out the 2012 acoustic version of Our Side. But know that I can NOT wait to show you the revised 2017 version! I'm so pumped about it!! Dustin Ragland is doing an amazing job!!

Gallery from the recording session with Dustin for 2017 Our Side: