We were made in the image of a creative God. He is calling each of us to activate our creativity and pursue our passions with excellence in order that His beauty may reach and revive the hearts of all mankind. In this musical documentary Resonate, join singer-songwriter Brianna Gaither as she embarks on a collaborative journey to explore God’s creative nature.


Indiegogo Campaign - Jan 2016

Welcome to Resonate. 

We are an initiative pursuing relationship with God as a Creator in order to develop excellence in our mirroring creativity, that the beauty of God would revive the heart of man.

This past fall Resonate launched a podcast, blog, as well as multiple social media initiatives to start developing and facilitating a community of artists. In 2016, we will further our explorations through the creation of an album. This album will follow Resonate’s Founder, Brianna Gaither, as she collaborates with 10 different producers, on 10 songs, over 10 months. In order to engage the community, we will create a documentary of the process. 

This is a massive project; it is logistically insane. 

We love a good challenge.

Our goal is for Resonate to become a catalyst in the patronage of faith-based artistic endeavors. 

$20,000 is a daunting amount of money to raise in one month. However, it will be used to support at minimum 14 different artists, and will aid in the manufacturing and distribution of the film and album. And furthermore, the money made from the album and documentary sales will be going back into the arts community to perpetuate future projects and build a culture of creativity and excellence.

Go to our Indiegogo page to see how you can be part of this movement!