Welcome to #FavoriteVerseChallenge! From October 19, 2018 to date of the 5th Annual Celebration of the Bible Concert, November 9, 2018, Celebration of the Bible is partnering with Resonate Campaign to lead a social media initiative called #FavoriteVerseChallenge. #FavoriteVerseChallenge is an Instagram and Facebook challenge that encourages creatives to celebrate the Bible on social media through various creative mediums (music, art, poetry, dance, etc.) 

Starting Friday, October 19, we encourage anyone who wants to participate to record a video or post a photograph/artistic rendering that represents a verse in the Bible that is meaningful to you. Post your work on Instagram or Facebook and then challenge 3+ more artists to do the same! Make sure to tag @resontatecmpn in your caption and use the hashtag #FavoriteVerseChallenge so that we can repost you from our pages. :)

The goal of this social media challenge is to use our personal online platforms to lift up scripture, involve as many artists as possible in the invitation to celebrate God’s word, and encourage the surrounding community to come and experience all that God wants to display through the Celebration of the Bible Concert event!

So, just post your video or image anytime between between Oct 19 and Nov 9! And if you want BONUS credit, add the Celebration of the Bible Concert flyer to your post. (You can obtain the flyer by holding your finger on the image on your phone until the words “save image” come on the screen.)

Feel free to copy/paste this example caption to get you started: 

Psalm 23:1 #FavoriteVerseChallenge in honor of FREE Celebration of the Bible Concert 2018. SWIPE RIGHT for #COTB18 details >>>

I challenge @artist1 @artist2 and @artist3. Create something based on your favorite verse, then post it to social media, and tag 3+ artist or musician friends to do the same! 

Full info in @resonatecmpn's bio link. 

You don't have to wait to get tagged! Post as many times as you want between Oct 19 and Nov 9!

Let's saturate social media with the Word of God.