Guest post from The Okie Show Show podcast!

Back in February, Brianna Gaither was a guest on the 34th episode of The Okie Show Show Podcast. The episode is titled "Sing Songs You Can Believe In (Feat. Brianna Gaither)." 

Join Brianna along with hilarious Okie Show Show hosts Brian and Kelly as they dive into a discussion on faith-based music and what it's like writing Indie Pop music from a Christian worldview. The episode also showcases three full tracks off Brianna's album 'Vanity,' giving insight into the stories behind the music, and examining the journey she embarked on to create her documentary Resonate with Resonate Campaign.


Episode 4: High + Humble King (Charlie Hall Interview)

Join the Resonate crew in a discussion with Charlie Hall, Pastor of Worship Arts and Liturgy at Frontline Church in Oklahoma City. Frontline recently released a beautiful compilation album called High + Humble King, created by songwriters from within their congregation. We asked Charlie to share some nuggets of wisdom on what it was like to head up such an ambitious project while pastoring a thriving group of artist leaders. 

Visit to hear more about the project, or search Frontline Music on iTunes and Spotify. 

Episode 1 - The Writing Process: A Comparative Look

We begin our podcast series with a comparative look at the creative process across specialized fields of writing -- songwriting, poetry, and prose. Joining us is special guest David Bowden. Enjoy our banter on vulnerability, R. Kelly, and the reason why Ashley is covered in blood. The footage from our event "The Artist God" has temporarily been removed from the internet. We will let you know... as soon as we find it. 

Furthermore, if you are curious to hear the a cappella song "All Creatures" that we discussed, the piece written about the Adam and Eve narrative, here is the audio. 

Lyrics by William H. Draper

Arrangement by Brianna Gaither and Kelcy White

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